Dameware Mini Remote Control

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Dameware® Mini Remote Control provides quick and easy remote desktop access and screen sharing for remote administration of computers, laptops, and servers.

Provides remote access to Windows®, Mac OS® X, and Linux® computers. Allows you to remotely support attended and unattended computers inside the LAN.

Reboot crashed computers and wake sleeping computers remotely

Key Features

More Features

Online chat with end-users during remote access sessions
Exchange information with remote end-users as you troubleshoot their systems.

Screenshot capture during remote administration sessions
Take screenshots of remote computers with a single click and save them on your computer.

Secure two-way file sharing during remote sessions
Share files with end-users using simple drag-and-drop file transfers.

Centralised license and user account management
In the centralised mode, you can centrally manage user accounts and permissions, and activate all Dameware licenses from a single location.

Remote connection to multiple computers
Connect to multiple remote computers simultaneously and easily switch sessions.

Easy management of user access and permissions
Define flexible user access permissions for remote control based on user requirements and company policy.

Integration with IT help desk
Native integration with Web Help Desk® speeds up service delivery. Launch remote administration sessions directly from help desk console.

Active Directory integration and single sign-on login
Automate discovery of user accounts from Active Directory® groups, and periodically sync for updates. Allow single sign-on with AD credentials.