Serv-U FTP Server

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Serv-U® FTP Server from SolarWinds® delivers quick, easy, and reliable file transfer for your organization.

You can exchange sensitive files with your trading partners using secure FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) over both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Users can view, upload, and download files from intuitive Web and mobile interfaces. Designed for small businesses, Serv-U FTP Server is an affordable and secure file transfer software that helps you accomplish all your internal and external file transfer needs.

Key Features

More Features

Secure File Transfer using FTPS (over SSL/TLS)
Serv-U FTP Server supports secure FTPS protocol for file transfers. You can encrypt files using SSL or TLS cryptographic protocol, and safely and securely exchange files with your business partners. When transferring files using FTPS, SSL/TLS protects the data in transit using SSL/TLS, and confidential information is protected from tampering, snooping, leakage, or accidental exposure.

Quick & Easy File Transfer from Web Browsers & Mobile Devices
From intuitive Web client and mobile device interfaces, you can easily view, upload, and download documents in no time. With an interactive drag-and-drop file transfer option, your end-users can exchange files from anywhere on-the-fly.

Large File Transfer (>3GB) & Multiple File Transfers
Transfer large files (>3GB) with the help of a free, built-in Web plug-in called “Web Client Pro.” This plug-in also allows you to upload/download multiple files at once. Web Client Pro also provides a transfer queue to pause or resume active file transfers and ask for confirmation before file overwrite.

Easy File Transfer Administration & Management
Perform file transfer administration and management from a single, easy-to-use management console. This includes real-time session monitoring and file transfer statistics, granular control over bandwidth, storage, permissions and access, access to virtual folders for local storage, remote shares, transfer ratio and quota management for end-users, and more.

Monitor FTP Server Logs for Troubleshooting & Error-Handling
View and monitor FTP server logs in real-time for easier troubleshooting and error-handling. The server log shows file server startup, configuration, and shutdown information.

Easily Add File Transfer Users & Groups
Serv-U FTP Server enables you to easily add users and groups for file transfer. With the help of a wizard-driven interface, you can create new users and grant them access to the file server in just a few clicks.

Easily Manage FTP Server Settings & Permissions
Serv-U FTP Server allows you to easily configure file transfer settings and permissions on the file server. You can define limits for the maximum number of sessions on the server, block the IP address of a timed-out session, enable settings to require reverse DNS names, and more.

Affordable FTP Server for Windows® & Linux® Platforms
Serv-U FTP Server deploys on both Windows® and Linux® operating systems and provides easy configuration options to set up domains, add users and groups, and start transferring and exchanging files in no time.