Kiwi Log Viewer for Windows

Kiwi Log Viewer enables you to monitor a log file for changes Contact us for a quote

SolarWinds® Kiwi Log Viewer for Windows enables you to monitor a log file for changes.

It can display changes in real-time and lets you automatically monitor log file entries for specific keywords, phrases or patterns. It only runs on Windows and provides similar functionality to the Unix/Linux Tail command.

Key Features

More Features

Licensed version features:

  • All the features in the free version, plus...
  • Up to 10 entries in the Recent file list.
  • Up to 100 text matches per highlight.
  • Up to 100 favorite highlights.
  • Returns all filtered results.
  • Open files of any size*.
  • Ability to click-select-copy any part of the row text.

* Files up to 14TB can be read (if the operating system supports them).

Free version features:

  • Open recent files (2 files).
  • Color highlighting (up to 2 text matches).
  • Saving of favorite highlights.
  • Importing/Exporting of highlights.
  • Open files up to 700MB in size.
  • Returns up to 100 matches of filtered results.
  • Monitor log files for new data and display in real time.
  • Detailed help file.
  • Copy selected rows to the clipboard in tab delimited format.
  • Search for a text string within the file.